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Non - tire rubber additives professional manufacturer
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    UHOO Care for the female worker’s healthy,care for the beautiful life

    Views: 20     Author: UHOO     Publish Time: 2020-08-15      Origin: HEBI UHOO NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD.


    As the rapid growth of the modern economic, the pace of life is accelerating and the work stress is increasing, the female’ healthy have been getting increased attention. In order to better care for the health of female workers and enhance the consciousness of self-health. The labour union of UHOO invited a team of experts and doctors from Hebi Maternity and Childcare Hospital to give lectures in UHOO chemicals on 12th August and in Yuanhao chemicals on 13th August.

    Directer Guo from Hebi Maternity and Childcare Hospital introduced the special offer for the female workers, and gave the professional answers to the questions on the spot.

    Director Nie started the wonderful lecture with the theme“Care for yourselfBe a beautiful women”, his key point is the health standard of the female. We can avoid disease by keeping standard weight, also, reasonable diet, regular exercise, and a good lifestyle are also important factors for health. Than Directer Nie popularized the common diseases for female, the way to do self-check, the method to prevent and the notes before the examination etc. Everyone got a full harvest from Director Nie’s lecture.

    Through this activity, the consciousness of self-health of the female workers were increased, and everyone got more knowledge about the physical and mental health. This lecture was welcomed by all female workers. UHOO hope they can keep a positive, optimistic, independent and confident attitude, to be a beautiful and healthy women, to get happiness both in work and in family.

    Non - tire rubber additives professional manufacturer

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